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With over 43 years of manufacturing experience and craftsmanship, Mancino produces an outdoor stadium
pad of the highest quality. We recognize that stadium padding is that all important, highly visible, final touch
that completes your stadium construction. Our attention to detail, and specifiable product features help to
assure athlete safety while conforming to the design objectives of the project. Standard pads are
manufactured 4’ wide x 8’ high but widths can easily be altered to meet your wall requirements.
Custom color graphics are also available.

Mancino Specifiable Features

Stadium Wall Padding is a standard 3-inch thick polyurethane foam filler, with a density of 1.8-lb/ cu. ft. x 65 IFD laminated to ½” or ¾” Extira® exterior treated paneling, SCS certified no added urea formaldehyde. Covered in
a 18-oz. / sq. yd exceptional UV rated vinyl coated polyester. See full specification.

Weep Holes

Brass grommets are inserted on the bottom edge of the panels to allow airflow to dissipate any moisture
inside the panel.


Inserted by machine and penned over so they will not push out.

"Z-Clip" Attaching Bar

Installing Mancino Stadium Padding is fast and easy with two “Z-CLIP” Attaching Bars. This heavy-duty aluminum attaching device is secured to the back of the plywood panel with our exclusive T-Nut. The “Z-Clip” mate is included with the shipment to complete the attachment to the stadium wall. This attaching method is standard on all Mancino stadium pads.