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These custom pieces add the finishing touches to your wall pad area. Available in all colors. Pre-fabricated
in our factory to the exact dimensions required to wrap columns or return corners at doorways, they provide
maximum protection from sharp concrete or steel corners. This product is manufactured from the same
materials as your wall pad selection so all pieces are uniform in appearance and style.

Pre-Fitted Post Pads

Pre-formed to fit easily around any post, these pads are filled with contour cut polyurethane foam and
covered in our 18oz vinyl coated polyester fabric. They are designed for years of outdoor use and can
easily handle all indoor pole pad applications. The pad snaps around the pole and closes securely with
a 2” hook and loop fastening flap. Lettering or full color graphics can be added.

Available in 4 standard sizes with a standard height of 72”.


fits 4” diameter pole, outside diameter of foam is 12”


fits 5” diameter pole, outside diameter of foam is 12”


fits 6” diameter pole, outside diameter of foam is 13”


fits 6-5/8” diameter gooseneck pole, outside diameter of foam is 18”

Flexible Pilaster Wraps

These wraps are designed to cover larger round poles, squares or rectangular pilasters and are
manufactured to your specific requirements. Covered with 18oz vinyl coasted polyester fabric and filled
with 2” closed cell polyethyleme foam filler, they can stand up to both indoor and outdoor use. Standard
height is 6”. Please send dimensions so we may provide you with an accurate price quote. Lettering of
full color graphics can be added.







Channel Style "I" Beam Pad

Our “I” Beam Pad uses a channel design to wrap around the face and the edges of the beam. It
is filled with 3” thick polyurethane foam and covered with 18oz vinyl coated polyester fabric. Two 2”
strips of hook fastener are sewn onto the back channel portion of the pad. These strips mate with the
accompanying self stick loop (supplied with purchase) that is applied to the face of the “I” beam.
Standard height of 6’. Lettering or full color graphics can be added.


fits flange sizes from 5” to 6” x 6’ high


fits flange sizes from 6-1/2” to 8” x 6’ high


fits flange sizes from 8-1/2” to 10” x 6’ high


fits flange sizes from 10-1/2” to 12” x 6’ high

Column & Corner Pads



Available in all MMC-110 Softwall™ Wainscot styles, these finishing pieces will complete your
permanent padding project. These plywood-backed pre-fabricated sections are constructed from
the same materials as specified in the main wall area. Each pad can be manufactured to your exact
requirements (return depth-width of column and height) and can be installed on steel, concrete,
concrete block or wood columns.